Creating Powerful Partnerships

All repairs carried out by Surveillance Repairs will work first time, giving you and your end-user the confidence to continue to use our repair services, as you are ensured that every repair undertaken is of first quality.

Quality Assurance

  • In house approved rigorous testing procedures
  • Manufacturer approved spare parts
  • Manufacturer setup and calibration procedures
  • 24 Hour soak testing


  • Common failure components replaced
  • Software and Firmware upgraded (if applicable)
  • Cooling fans replaced
  • Cleaned and soak tested


  • First class quality
  • Long no quibble warranty
  • Free delivery of warrenty repairs

Antistatic Protection.

Our workshops and procedures have been designed to ensure full protection for all static sensitive devices.

Technical Helpline.

We offer a free technical helpline service to help and assist all our customers if they have any technical problems or require any future CCTV consultancy.


  • Double skin heavy duty cardboard boxes
  • Bubble and airbag specialist packaging
  • Sensitive electronics anti-statically bagged
  • Uniquely labelled for clear identification.